Fuite, Genemuiden (NL)

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    Dairy farmer Fuite owns his Silage Safe system since 2015. “We fill our silo in layers from additional cuts over the full surface area, so we have to open and close the pit a couple of times during one season. That’s why silage season always is a lot of (hard) work for us, but we prefer it this way, because we want to have a more consistent quality when feeding out. With Silage Safe we are now able to open and close our pit in less than one hour!”

    Fuite says: “When we were constructing our two new silo’s a couple of years ago, we decided to build one single wall between them – so no space between these silos. With Silage Safe we don’t need extra space for installing the system, so this actually saved us a lot of money while constructing these silos. And the drains at the bottom of the system work really great as well. Rainwater is getting drained perfectly to the front, outside the silo”.

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