Schep, Lemmer (NL)

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    Father and son Schep from The Netherlands (Lemmer) own a Silage Safe system since spring 2018. They are used to fill their silo in layers from additional cuts during the season and were looking for a system that made this more easy. Before it took a lot of time and effort to open and close the pit. “Now it went really fast and easy”, son Schep tells us. “The sheets are already there, so you only have to put them over the walls and when you’re done compacting, you just have to put them back. Piece of cake”.

    Covering with two people

    Schep thinks the work ease is the biggest advantage of Silage Safe. “We don’t have to lift heavy materials anymore. We have pretty high silo walls on which we had to lift multiple sandbags before. That was a really heavy and awfull job”.

    The amount of work has also decreased, Schep says. “Before we had to cover the silage with multiple people, but that’s not necessary anymore. That’s because we don’t work with one big sheet anymore, but with narrow sheets that  don’t weigh much. Especially with strong winds we have over here it’s better to work with these sheets.

    No more tires

    The other silos on their farm are covered with foil, sandbags and tires. “We don’t need tires anymore with our Silage Safe system”, father Schep tells proudly. The sheets cover the silage very tightly, so tires don’t have a function anymore. This saves them a lot of time. “An additional plus is that our farm looks more tidy this way, without the tires. The green sheets match the landscape much better”.

    Round compaction

    The quality of the silage turns out to be great. “Before we frequently had losses due to heath generation and moulds, but it doesn’t seem to be there now. Especially on the edges – our most vulnerable areas – we are now able to cover it completely airtight”.

    And that’s also due to the round compaction of the silage. When you compact the silage as round as possible, the tension of the sheets is evenly divided. This way there isn’t unwanted space and oxygen underneath the sheets. And, as most of us know, oxygen can cause heath generation and feed losses. With Silage Safe oxygen doesn’t stand a chance!

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